Your Essential Guide to Planning a Destination Wedding in Argentina

Argentina, the land of tango, breathtaking landscapes, and passionate hearts, is a rising star in the world of destination weddings. With its diverse scenery, rich culture, and favorable laws towards foreigners, it offers a unique and unforgettable setting to tie the knot. Whether you envision a romantic ceremony amidst the majestic Andes or a vibrant celebration among the wine vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina has something to offer every couple. Planning a wedding abroad can seem daunting, fear not! This guide provides essential tips and resources to turn your dream Argentine wedding into a reality.

Legal Considerations:
  • Foreigner Requirements: Getting married in Argentina as a foreigner is a relatively simple process if you have a qualified or expert planner. You’ll need valid passports, proof of entry into the country, and at least two witnesses with local IDs. 
  • If you are single, all you need is a valid passport. Many websites say they need proof of “single status” but this is not the case. 
  • You will need a notarized Acta validating your local residence (which we take care of in a jiffy).
  • If you have been previously married (and divorced) you’lll need:
    • Birth certificate 
    • Marriage certificate (with Hague apostille or Legalization)
    • Divorce Decree (with Hague apostille or Legalization)
  • Equal Marriage: Argentina celebrates love in all its forms! Since 2010, same-sex marriage has been legal, making it a welcoming haven for LGBTQ+ couples.
  • Visa Considerations: Depending on your nationality, you might need a tourist visa to enter Argentina. Check with your local Argentine embassy or consulate for details. Consider the necessary documents and processing time when planning your wedding timeline.
  • Note: Medical Exams are completely optional!
Planning Your Dream Day:
  • Set a Budget: Argentina offers various wedding options, from intimate elopements to extravagant celebrations. Determine your budget beforehand to guide your decisions on location, vendors, and guest list.
  • Choose Your Season: Argentina experiences four distinct seasons. Summer (December – February) offers warm weather, perfect for outdoor weddings. Spring (March – May) and Fall (September – November) are mild and ideal for exploring. Winter (June – August) in Patagonia unveils stunning snowy landscapes, but be prepared for colder temperatures.
  • Pick Your Perfect Location: Argentina boasts diverse landscapes. Buenos Aires offers a cosmopolitan vibe, while Mendoza provides stunning vineyards. Patagonia’s glaciers and Iguazu Falls are breathtaking backdrops for adventurous couples. Consider your preferences for scenery, activities, and accessibility when making your choice.
Vendor Recommendations:
  • Wedding Planner: Planning a wedding from afar can be complex. Consider hiring a local wedding planner, like Fabulous Weddings! We have extensive experience crafting unforgettable experiences for couples from all over the world. We’ll handle legalities, vendor recommendations, and logistics, allowing you to relax and enjoy the planning process.
  • Photographer & Videographer: Capture the magic of your special day with a talented photographer and videographer. At Fabulous Weddings, we have strong relationships with professionals that resonate with your style and will make sure you capture every moment of your dream day.
  • Officiant: Argentina has both civil and religious ceremonies. Choose a civil celebrant or a priest/pastor based on your preferences. Fabulous Weddings can help you navigate this step.
Making it Yours:
  • Embrace the Local Flavor: Infuse your wedding with Argentine flair! Hire a tango performance for an unforgettable experience or incorporate local delicacies into your menu. Learning a few tango moves together adds a romantic touch.
  • Welcome Your Guests: Consider providing information brochures or welcome bags with helpful tips and recommendations for your guests who might be unfamiliar with Argentina.

Honeymoon Bliss:

Extend your love journey with a romantic honeymoon in Argentina! Explore the diverse regions, from indulging in Mendoza’s renowned wineries to embarking on exciting wildlife adventures in Iguazu National Park, to mountain climbing.

Laura Ledesma
Laura Ledesma