Destination Wedding: Argentina

Step into the unexpected allure of Buenos Aires for your dream destination wedding. Beyond the tropics, this vibrant city offers a streamlined process, welcoming couples with open arms in just five days. Discover affordability, culture, and romance in a bespoke Argentine experience. Let us be your guide.

When most people think about destination weddings, we’re betting a number images come to mind: palm trees, beaches, casinos, Caribbean sunsets — even overwater bungalows and leis! Most couples don’t imagine travelling to a place with four seasons, or even to a big city, for that matter. Yet destination weddings don’t need to be synonymous with the tropics — they can take place in any part of the world.

Locations like Buenos Aires have a great deal to offer lovebirds who want to tie the knot abroad — more, perhaps, than you might expect, for a humble South American country (okay — maybe Argentines aren’t really that humble!).

First and foremost is the question of the wedding itself, as not all countries make it easy for foreigners to get married. In Ireland, for example — a country comparable to Argentina, where marriage equality also exists — couples must give the county registrar’s office three months notice before the ceremony, and arrive to the country two weeks in advance. While this might not be an issue if you know you want to get married, it does make it nearly impossible to elope!

Argentina, on the other hand, actually prioritizes foreigners who are looking to get married in the country. It is one of the only two countries in the world to allow marriage between non-residents. This is a complete game-changer when it comes to planning a destination wedding. For those couples who will be getting married for the first time in Buenos Aires, all it takes is a mere five days. You can arrive on Sunday, get married by the following Friday, and fly out for your honeymoon on Saturday. This is an excellent option for couples who come from two different countries, want to spend quality time together, and equally as important, need to to get married before filing immigration paperwork and be able to live together.

Another important hurdle to clear (which might not be on your list) is the issue of premarital blood tests. A significant number of countries require you to have these before you can say “I do.” While Argentina is traditionally a stickler for requirements and bureaucracy, this is one area in which it surprises. Today, blood tests are totally optional, saving you a full two days that can instead be used to make the most of your South American experience.

An additional factor which will definitely be on your mind is the issue of value and cost. Due to the Argentine peso’s ongoing devaluation, Buenos Aires is a great value for couples who are earning in strong currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, etc.). It also manages to provide options for each and every budget, making it a truly ideal destination.

For those who’ve saved up, and have quite a bit to spend, a luxurious stay in one of Buenos Aires’ many five star hotels just might be in order, while also dining out at some of the city’s ritziest restaurants, savoring the world’s best steak and wine.

Alternatively, for those who are travelling on a budget, Buenos Aires does not disappoint. Airbnb provides some superbly affordable accommodation in the city’s most popular neighborhoods. San Telmo, Palermo, and Recoleta are all great options, and they don’t necessarily have to break the bank.

Mom and Pop restaurants are extremely accessible — and hey, for those who are keen, it’s even possible to cook! A delicious bottle of wine can cost as little as $5, and two cuts of steak (lomo) from your local butcher, about the same. (Of course if you’re vegetarian or vegan, and turned off by all this mention of steak, we’ve got you covered here!).

Post marriage ceremony, there are lots of options too! Will you be flying back home, or continuing your trip? For those looking to honeymoon nationally, Argentina is a one of a kind destination — it’s often referred to as “the country of five continents,” as it encompasses an incredible number of varying climates and landscapes.

Consider a trip to the Martian-esque valleys of remote San Juan, or a boat ride under the spray of Iguazú Falls. Go on a trek in Córdoba, explore the Camino de Siete Lagos by horseback in Bariloche, or whale and penguin-watch along the coasts of Patagonia. Argentina has something for every budget, and every taste, and you can even work with us to plan something else entirely! We have the experience and the contacts to create a custom trip and make your ideal honeymoon a reality.

Of course it also goes without saying that the city of Buenos Aires is a destination in and of itself. You could literally spend years here, and still not see all, which is why it’s so important to consult a local’s expertise.

Let our team be your guide to the Paris of South America as we plan your own unique Fabulous Wedding! Whatever it is you have in mind, we can bring your vision to life, and prove that Argentina is the place for destination weddings par excellence.

Alexander Mogavero
Alexander Mogavero