Kate & Sara

Burlington, Vermont

Thank you for your fab 5-star Review

Flying to Buenos Aires to let Fabulous Weddings plan our wedding made for a uniquely wonderful and adventurous experience! When we decided to trade indecision and compromise for the guilt of disappearing on a destination wedding, we leaned on our Fabulous Wedding Planner, Laetitia Orsetti, to do all the heavy lifting.

Now that we’ve both said I do, we couldn’t be happier in feeling like we made the right decision! The memories of our wedding week are packed with adventure and travel – polo playing, tango dancing, new food, good wine and South American sunshine. Fabulous Weddings took care of everything!! We got help outfitting ourselves, booking incredible photographers and lining up activities based on our interests.

Thanks to Fabulous Weddings we had a fabulous lesbian wedding and experienced the very incredible and accepting culture of Argentina. Gay weddings in Buenos Aires feel like true celebrations of love! Laetitia Orsetti and the people of Buenos Aires gave us the party our love for each other deserves. We hope that everyone getting married in the US will eventually feel such acceptance and celebration on their big day!

Kate & Sara
(Burlington, Vermont)